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Bullying is not new. What is new is the Internet and how easy it has become for us to interact with friends, family, and strangers around the world. The Internet, as integral as it is for the modern world, has also brought with it a sense of obscurity among individuals — especially bullies. It is estimated that 60% of teenagers have had been cyberbullied in the past 10 years. Since this issue remains largely unsolved and often overlooked, this project aims at motivating people to keep pro-actively coming up with new ways to make the Internet safer for everyone.



Online scams are on the rise in the past decade, and with the introduction of cryptocurrency and its pseudo-anonymity, it has never been more convenient for scammers.

This blog will go through an infamous online money-grabbing opportunity for hackers- the ‘Bitcoin Heist’. It’s straightforward. Fancy website, and hmm, download music for free? What could go wrong? *click*- That is when you download a special kind of computer virus called ‘ransomware’.

Ransomware spreads through your computer like wildfire and encrypts every last file. Want your sensitive data back? …

India ranks 1st in the number of road accident related deaths across 199 countries reported in World Road Statistics.

It’s no secret that traffic in India is bad. But, why? In this article, we will do some data analysis to figure that out.


  1. General Analysis
  2. Checking for predictors
  3. Checking for correlation
  4. Conclusion
  5. Scope for further research

Note: All the code and datasets are available on my GitHub repository

General Analysis

Let us look at our first data-set which documents road accidents in Indian states from 1970–2017.


Let us see how the number of accidents change over time.

  • We immediately notice a gradual…

Yogesh Chandrasekharuni

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